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About Our Company

In these days, markets are full of competition. Every company works to challenge the other and gain orders from customers. In this race, numerous companies are compromising with the quality and taking less efforts towards satisfying customers. We despite this cheap trade practice and work with honesty to deliver high quality products at fair rates. We have maintained a huge portfolio of products, where there are several items including Wheat Bran for Cattle Feed, Basmati Rice, Hardwood Charcoal, Edible Salt, Agriculture Fertilizer, Rice Flour and Fresh Ginger. Not just these, we offer Fresh Mayonnaise, Almond Nuts, Sunflower Oil, Toilet Tissue, Wood Pellets, Wooden Pallets and many other products. 

We have a huge team of experts, working with us and enabling our company to well-serve numerous customers of the market and become a prominent manufacturer and exporter. The team includes experts from several fields, having rich knowledge about our different types of products including toilet rolls, cattle food, flour, pallets, almond nuts, etc. Further, our company pays attention towards ensuring delivery of right quality. And to check that, we carefully check every product batch before supplying in the market.

Our Markets

We supply major stock of our range to customers based in foreign markets. Around 95% of our total range is exported for meeting requirements of foreign customers. We strictly follow Government laws, rules and guidelines to do export and run all the operations of the company. 

In order to smoothly export range, we make sure to have stock ready before the time. For the same, our team puts extra efforts and completes tasks in a remarkable manner. Further, our offered items are supplied in foreign countries with the help of our logistic partners, who make shipment a hassle-free task for us. 

Reasons to Choose Us

  • It is tough to get a company, which supplies such a huge range of products including Wheat Bran for Cattle Feed, Hardwood Charcoal, Agriculture Fertilizer, Edible Salt, Basmati Rice, Almond Nuts, Wooden Pallets, etc., under a single roof. 
  • We are growing at an incredible rate, it is even tough for companies to challenge us. 
  • The customer satisfaction rate which we have maintained till the date is a talked about topic in the market.
  • At our premises, tasks get completed in a commendable manner with the support of our 80 members professional team. 
  • The company has thoroughly invested on technology and maintaining sound set up for several tasks like processing, quality checking, packaging, warehousing, etc.